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For Clients & Stakeholders

RISE Services mission is to help individuals to get hired at right positions they deserve. We struggle with them side by side to let them achieve life independence by working under growing organizations. To accomplish our mission, we directly collaborate with employers, organizations, and state departments to find an opportunity for talented job seekers. By having direct relationship with employers and employment organizations, we help employers to onboard right candidates having great potential to fulfill their assigned duties.

Our goal is to to build long-term relationship in between our clients, employers, and us. We serve to place candidates at different levels of positions i-e: entry-level, professional, experienced, and even department heads.

To carry out our mission activities, we've trained staff that helps our clients with rehabilitation by implementing the following activities:-

  1. Carefully assess an individual’s skills, abilities, interests, educational level, and aptitude to determine realistic career options.
  2. Assist the individual to address any barriers they may have to employment so that when they get a job, they will be ready to work.
  3. Provide evaluation of an individual’s ability to perform specific jobs through job try-outs, also know as situational assessments.
  4. Conduct job search activities to identify available employment opportunities within the local labor market that closely match the individual’s skills, interests, and abilities.
  5. Assist individuals to obtain employment by supporting their efforts to complete job applications, interviews, and follow-up activities.
  6. Provide one-to-one on-the-job training in order to offer support to the individual and the employer and to ensure the job is done in the right way.
  7. Gradually fade away from on-site training activities as the individual and the consumer are comfortable with the employment arrangement.
  8. Provide continued follow-up on a monthly basis to ensure job retention.

We take pride in taking care of our clients by all aspects

  1. COVID-19 Social Security Awareness
  2. Workplace Hazards
  3. Health protection
  4. Americans Disability Act
  5. Using Zoom & Google Meet
  6. Download Client's Handout