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Family Caregiver Training

We are now providing Family & Caregiver Training (in-home, electronically, or at a place locally agreed upon) under the FIS Waiver. This service is only offered for FIS Waiver recipients. Training is provided by either qualified or licensed staff. There are a wide range of training topics we provide under this service.

The NPI # of Family Caregiver Training is 0950518800

Some of our trainings include:

  1. Daily care at home
  2. Getting services added to an IEP
  3. IEP's
  4. Behavior Training
  5. Reasonable accommodations
  6. How to complete school assessments
  7. How to interpret school assessments
  8. Selecting appropriate tools
  9. Training for occupational and speech therapy
  10. Crisis management
  11. Reconsideration for SSA
  12. Health training

Download Family Caregiver Flyer

Individual Family Caregiver Training

Get training and counseling services for individuals, families, or caregivers of individuals enrolled in the FIS waiver including participation in training opportunities designed to improve the family's or caregiver's ability to care for and support the individual enrolled in the waiver. This service shall also provide training opportunities for the individual to better understand his disability, and increase his self-determination and self-advocacy.