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We're the fastest rising Employment Network in the US

Consulting Connection Services LLC is one of the leading Employment Networks in United States. We offer both benefits planning and job coaching services to qualified individuals.   We collaborate with different organizations, families, case managers, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, and the Social Security Administration, as required to combine resources to serve eligible individuals. 

You can get started by completing our brief assessment form.  This will allow us to help you quicker and get you scheduled for a consultation.  No secure or confidential information is requested.  After completing this form, we will follow-up with a phone call to get started.   You can complete the online assessment here

Our Toll Free #: 833-914-4227

Phone:  571-389-3630

Fax:  703-214-6239

Email:  [email protected]

Our Network

Consulting Connection Services provides benefits counseling by WISAs including a youth specialist..  We also provide career counseling and job placement assistance in all states.

Ticket to Work Program

Social Security's Ticket to Work Program supports career development for people with disabilities who want to work. Social Security disability beneficiaries age 18 through 64 qualify. The Ticket Program is free and voluntary. The Ticket Program helps people with disabilities progress toward financial independence.

Choosing to work can change your life. The Ticket to Work Program and Work Incentives allow you to keep your benefits while you explore employment, receive vocational support and gain work experience. If you are age 18 through 64 and receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) you already qualify! To figure out if Ticket to Work may be right for you, visit

The Ticket Program is a good fit for people who want to improve their earning potential and are committed to preparing for long-term success in the workforce. This program offers beneficiaries with disabilities access to meaningful employment with the assistance of Ticket to Work employment service providers called Employment Networks. If you are ready to go to work, there are people ready and waiting to help you!

The career development services and support you need are unique to you. The Ticket Program can connect you with the right mix of free employment support services and approved service providers that best fit your needs. While job sites are helpful for only finding jobs. It's the best option to go with especially when you truly need direct one-to-one help with your job coach. Our team is ready to help you with all job benefits that you deserve.

The Ticket Program and other Work Incentives allow you to keep your benefits while you explore employment, receive vocational rehabilitation services and gain work experience. Your cash benefits and Medicaid or Medicare often continue throughout your transition to work, and there are protections in place to help you return to benefits, if you are unable to continue working due to your disability.

Why is the Ticket to Work program is right for you?

While earning a living through employment is not for everyone, it may be right for you. The rewards far outweigh the risks in most cases. Take the time to learn about the employment services and supports we provide Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities through the Ticket to Work Program. You may be surprised! We are here to help you learn more and start on your journey to financial independence.

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