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Community Guides

Community Guide Services include direct assistance to promote individuals’ self-determination through brokering community resources that lead to connection to and independent participation in integrated, independent housing or community activities so as to avoid isolation.

  1. Investigate and coordinate as necessary available, naturally occurring community resources of interest to enable an individual’s participation in those resources which are of interest.
  2. Provide information and directed assistance that facilitate the development of supportive community relationships.
  3. Explore community resources that promote implementation of the person-centered plan.

Our ​NPI # 0706401392

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General Community Guide

Utilizes an individual’s existing assessment information regarding the individual’s general interests in order to determine specific activities and venues that are available in the community (e.g., clubs, special interest groups, physical activities/sports teams, etc.) to promote inclusion and independent participation in community life. The desired result is an increase in daily or weekly natural supports, as opposed to increasing hours of paid supports. 

Provides advocacy that helps the individual in problem solving and decision making that enhances the individual's ability to be part of their community.

Ensures the individual utilizes the appropriate supports, services, and resources. 

Guide the individual on accessing the identified integrated community activities, supports, services, and/or resources.

Community Housing Guide

Supports an individual’s move to independent housing by helping with transition and tenancy sustaining activities. The community housing guide will collaborate with the support coordinator, regional housing specialist, and others to enable the individual to achieve and sustain integrated, independent living.

  1. Conduct a tenant screening that identifies individual's preferences
  2. Assist with the housing search and application process
  3. Help identify resources to cover expenses
  4. Assist with details of the move
  5. Provides education on the rights and responsibilities of tenant and landlord
  6. Provide training in being a good tenant and lease compliance
  7. Assist in resolving disputes with landlords and/or neighbors
  8. Assist with housing re-certification process